A rapidly-growing startup sought our help to manage their surging cloud costs due to unexpected traffic growth during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our comprehensive optimization efforts resulted in a substantial seven-figure reduction in cloud costs, surpassing even their highest-earning client at the time.

The Problem: Reduce cloud costs.

Our Approach: Our team has completed several cloud cost optimization projects, leveraging low hanging fruits, automated tooling, and expertise in cloud secrets from experience and human intelligence. Our past clients have seen a six-figure impact on yearly costs. However, the cost of finding additional opportunities may exceed the marginal cost reduction they bring.

  1. Initial Results: Upon engaging with this client, we were confident of creating good value and found two major opportunities, one reducing costs by $160k/year and another by $360k/year.
  2. Continued Success: Encouraged by our performance, we continued to explore and dig deeper, finding two more opportunities that resulted in a total savings of $510k/year. At this point we asked an ally for help, together we uncovered four additional opportunities, resulting in a savings of $660k/year.
  3. More Challenges: In the fourth quarter, we had to make engineering changes to the application and infrastructure to unlock additional savings. Working closely with the engineering team to ensure smooth deployment without downtime or customer disruptions. These efforts resulted in additional savings of $530k/year.

Final Results: Our efforts resulted in a substantial seven-figure reduction in costs for the client, surpassing their highest-earning client at the time. We are continuing our efforts with this client and believe that we can make another seven figure impact.

Now we have the insights, tools, and partners to bring this expertise and value to other clients. We plan to reach out to both old and new clients to explore more engagements for mutual benefit. If you would like us to evaluate your infrastructure for free and find cost-reduction opportunities, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via our contact us form.