Transform your business with Our Innovative Software Solutions

Delivering innovative, modern and cost-effective software solutions tailored to your needs.

We are a premier offshore software development agency dedicated to transforming your ideas into reality. With a team of experienced architects, developers, designers, and testers, we partner with tech startups, startup accelerators and design agencies to deliver cutting-edge solutions. Our mission is to better architecture, better extensibility, better scalability, easier maintenance and better business value.

How are we different

At AppCafe, we set ourselves apart through a combination of technical excellence and deep industry understanding. Here’s what makes us different:

Silicon Valley Engineers

Led by Engineers, not Sales

AppCafe is led by engineers with over 50 years of combined experience in Silicon Valley's tech industry. If there's one thing we excel at, it's technology, not sales or marketing (or BS-ing)

Architecture and Design

Smart System Architecture

Effective system architecture can significantly reduce effort, development time and costs, infrastructure costs while increasing maintainability, extensibility and scalability. Explore our project showcase to see how we built a Reddit clone that run in under $10/month in infrastructure costs.


Reduce Complexity

While many agencies tend to complicate projects to increase billing, we work with you to simplify arhic reuse existing libraries/frameworks and build as less as we can. In our project showcase, read up on how we simplified a complex escape room software and hardware to reduce costs by over 50%.


Use Low Code Tools

We leverage low-code tools and open-source libraries and frameworks to reduce coding. We have a curated list of over 500 low-code tools for variety of needs. Find some of our favorite low-code tools list in our menu.


Use AI Assistance

We use many AI tools, e.g., GitHub Copilot, which increase developer velocity by 10-20% at no cost to you. AI coding assistant tools are evolving rapidly. We continue to monitor and evaluate new AI tools to ensure we deliver the highest productivity.


Smarter Onshore + Offshore

Our technical leadership is conveniently based in Silicon Valley, while our developers operate offshore. This strategic arrangement and our expertise to effectively manage offshore teams ensures high-quality solutions at a lower cost.