Elevating Your Business with Our Services.

We offer following services to help your startup succeed

  • Application Development: From web and desktop to mobile, our team is skilled in using modern technologies such as cloud, Node.js, serverless, React, and DevOps to build end-to-end apps.
  • Application Modernization: Let us help you migrate your apps to cloud-native architectures, upgrade them to the latest stacks, or repatriate them from the cloud to on-premises.
  • Infrastructure Automation: We specialize in Infrastructure as Code and CICD automation, key to increasing developer productivity and rapidly iterating to improve software.
  • Cloud Cost Optimization: Our experience, tools, and expertise allow us to make meaningful reductions in cloud costs, saving your business money. “

Why choose AppCafe?

Our team brings valuable expertise to the table, built on our experience as startup founders.

Strategic Architecture: We understand the importance of building your application and infrastructure the right way from the start. This not only reduces development costs but also creates a flexible architecture that minimizes the risk of re-development as your business grows.

Efficient Development: Time and money are critical factors in realizing business revenue and profits. That’s why we use low-code tools and pre-built software whenever possible to speed up development and reduce costs.

Cloud Cost Optimization: Once your software is developed, reducing hosting costs can make or break your competitiveness. We have a proven track record of helping companies save significant amounts (7 figures) on ongoing hosting costs.”

What is our technology expertise

  • Areas of Focus: Startups, AI/ML, IoT, DevOps, Cloud Native, No Code / Low Code
  • Architectures and Methodologies: Microservices, Micro-frontends, Agile
  • CloudNative / DevOps: AWS, GCP, Azure, Serverless, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible, Tekton, Jenkins, Github actions, GitFlow, DevOps, Automation, Infrastructure As Code, Observability
  • CMS: WordPress, WooCommerce, Drupal, Salesforce, ServiceNow
  • Frameworks: Django, ExpressJS, Nestjs, NextJS, Spring, Spring Boot, Laravel
  • UI: React, Angular, Vue, Svelte
  • Gaming: Unity, Unity 3D, various html5 engines
  • Languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, GoLang, Java, Rust, PHP

Streamlined Process for Optimal Results

At AppCafe, we take a thorough and strategic approach to ensure the success of your project. Our process includes the following steps:

Initial Discussion: We start with a conversation to gain a broad understanding of your needs and determine if our teams are a good fit to work together.

Requirements and Estimates: Our team conducts a thorough analysis of your requirements and provides detailed estimates and approach.

Legal Agreements and First Payment: If you approve of our proposal, we move forward with legal agreements, including NDA, MSA, and SOW, and receive the first payment.

Deep Dive: We conduct a comprehensive exploration of potential scenarios, tools, technologies, and processes to identify the best approach and reduce costs and timelines.

Architecture: We work closely with you to understand every detail of the end product and minimize any unknowns and risks.

Development: Utilizing agile methodology, we stay in constant communication with you, provide demos, and intermediate builds to ensure we are on the right track.

Delivery: We provide the code, documentation, infrastructure, and processes to ensure a smooth transition and successful launch. Final payments are made and we request a testimonial for future clients.

Support and Maintenance: If we have a support/maintenance or Operations contract, we continue to be available for assistance. Check out our project portfolio to see our past work and results.

Check out our project portfolio to find out more or contact us to initiate the process and bring your startup to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does an engagement cost?
    Our cost estimates are based on your specific requirements, but we can assure you that our prices are competitive and often less than the cost of doing the project in-house. When considering our services, take into account factors such as the cost of recruitment, retraining, and fully loaded employee costs.
  • What development process do you use?
    We follow an agile development process, with 2-week (sometimes 3-week) sprints and deliverables at the end of each sprint.
  • When can we get started?
    We can begin as soon as you are ready. The first steps include an introduction call, paperwork signing, and initial payment. You can learn more about our process on our homepage.
  • Can you show us a demo of a project you’ve done?
    Yes, please contact us for a demonstration.
  • Can we get a reference from a previous customer?
    Yes, if you would like a live reference call with a previous customer, we can arrange that. However, please note that we only provide references for high-value opportunities at late stage of engagement.
  • Can you really build a product for my startup?
    We have a track record of delivering cost-effective, powerful, and flexible products to our clients.
  • What size company or project do you take?
    We work with clients of all sizes, from one-person startups to companies with over 1000 employees. For custom projects, we typically start at around $5,000, and our largest projects to date have been in seven figure range.
  • Can I pay you for an hour of your time?
    Yes, please contact us to discuss hourly rates.