What can we do for you

  • Application Development: We build end to end web, desktop and mobile apps. We use modern scalable technologies such as clouds, kubernetes, serverless, micro-services, DevOps, AI/ML etc. A full list of our expertise is available in another section on this page.
  • Application modernization: We also help migrating apps to cloud native architectures, upgrading apps to latest stacks as well as repatriation apps from cloud to on-premise
  • Infrastructure Automation: As automation is key to increasing developer productivity and rapid iterating to improve software, we also do Infrastructure As Code, CICD automation.
  • Day 2 Operations: Once an app and infrastructure is ready, it needs to be monitored and maintained. For this we can either hand it over to you or if you wish, continue to provide day 2 operational support.

Why choose AppCafe?

Right experience and mindset: We have experience building startups, so we have right experience and mindset to help you build one.

Moving Fast: Building the application and infrastructure the right way will enable you to rapidly iterate and move fast to capture business value.

DevOps and day2 operations: These are usually non business critical functions. For smaller teams, these are just a distraction from focusing on business critical value addition.

AppCafe SaaS / DevOps Platform: We noticed that many clients were spending time and resources reinventing the wheel instead of building products. So we also built a platform that has pre built plumbing for a SaaS business such as – user management, billing management, provisioning, security and so on. Read more about it here.

What is our technology expertise

  • Areas of Focus: Startups, AI/ML, IoT, DevOps, Cloud Native, No Code / Low Code
  • Architectures and Methodologies: Microservices, Agile
  • CloudNative / DevOps: AWS, GCP, Azure, Serverless, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible, Tekton, Jenkins, Github actions, GitFlow, DevOps, Automation, Infrastructure As Code, Observability
  • CMS: WordPress, WooCommerce, Drupal, Salesforce, ServiceNow
  • Frameworks: Django, ExpressJS, Spring, Spring Boot, Laravel
  • Gaming: Unity, Unity 3D, various html5 engines
  • Languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, GoLang, Java, Rust, PHP
  • UI: React, Angular, Vue, Svelte

How do we do it (Process):

  • Initial Discussion: We start with an initial discussion to broadly understand the problem and agree if our teams have synergies to engage. To initiate a discussion, contact us.
  • Requirements and Estimates: After initial discussion, our team spends time to understand requirements and come up with a broad approach and high level estimates.
  • Legal Agreements and First Payment: If you like our proposal, next step is getting paperwork out of the way. As needed, sign NDA, MSA and SOW etc. and first payment is deposited.
  • Deep Dive : Before building, we like to do a few deep dive sessions to explore what-if scenarios, alternate tools, technologies and process to see if there is a better way.

    This step is our key value add. For several clients, we ended up with “a better way” and reduced cost or time by 50% or more.

    Check out our project portfolio to find out more.

  • Architecture: Once we agree on an approach, we understand every detail of the end product so there are no unknowns and risk is minimal.
  • Development: We use agile methodology to do development. We are constantly in touch with clients, give demos, intermediate builds etc. to ensure we are on right track.
  • Delivery: Once development is done, we hand over code, documentation, infrastructure, processes to you and make sure you hit the ground running and are setup for success. Final payments are done and we request a testimonial to show future clients.
  • Support and Maintenance: If we have support/maintenance or Operations contract, we continue to be engaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does an engagement cost?
    While we need to understand your requirements before we can estimate time and cost, we can say that usually we do it in less time and cost than to do it in-house. How do we know this? We learnt this while re-building a few projects that were done internally. While debating the decision to engage us, do consider factors such as: How much will it cost you internally to build? Do you need to recruit or retrain, what is your fully loaded cost? Will you need this skillset after project is done or do you need to retrain your employees for something else?
  • What development process do you use?
    We practice agile development. We usually use 2 week (sometimes 3 week) sprints with some deliverables at the end of each sprint.
  • When can we get started?
    We can start as soon as you are ready. First few steps are – an introduction call, paperwork signing and initial payment. You can read about our entire process on our homepage.
  • Can you show us demo of some project you did?
    Of course. Do contact us.
  • Can we get a reference from a previous customer?
    We do have testimonials. If you need a live reference call with a previous customer, we can arrange that. However note that for obvious reasons, do arrange reference calls only when asked and only for high value opportunities just before contract is signed.
  • Can you really build a product for my startup?
    We are different because we have several happy long term customers for whom we have reduced development cost and time while making a more powerful and flexible product.
  • What size company or project do you take?
    We accept anywhere from 1 person company to 1000+ people companies as clients. Our smallest clients pay us for our platform and we do not do any custom work for them. For custom projects, we start at around US$5k, our largest projects so far are in $1-2M range. We continue to expand and are open to larger projects.
  • Can I pay you for an hour of your time?
    Yes you can, contact us.