What is AppCafe?

AppCafe is platform that helps companies and developers create their own SaaS (Software As A Service) business i.e. you build a software application and we provide the plumbing to turn it into a SaaS business.

SaaS is one of fastest growing software businesses. Everyday more and more software companies are moving towards SaaS with recurring revenue models because recurring has more growth and more predictability.

Web apps are much more complex than mobile apps. AppCafe works like a combination of Android Play Store (or iOS App Store) and a hosting platform i.e. users can create apps, find apps and install apps. Unlike a mobile phone where an app runs on each user’s phone, web apps run on AppCafe platform, which means we also provide hosting, security etc. More details further down this page.

In short, you simply create your web app, we do the rest.

Why use AppCafe?

You focus on your core business, we do the rest.

Any SaaS subscription business requires many of the features described in next section. While these features are necessary, they are unlikely your unique value proposition or competitive advantage. With AppCafe, we provide these services so that you can focus on your app. So you can use AppCafe to avoid building, maintaining and enhancing these yourself. You can save valuable time and resources that you can invest into your core building.

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