AppCafe PaaS

AppCafe Platform as a Service is built for you to launch your apps on it. You can have your own domain name and your own SSO, your own customers, your own database, but the platform provides several services e.g. managing plans, users, subscriptions, security etc. and our team continues to provide DevOps services. We also continue to upgrade the platform with new features, security fixes etc.

AppCafe Platform Self Hosted

We also offer AppCafe platform for self hosting, in case you need tighter integration with your internal software or databases etc. We will help you set up the platform, integrate with your applications, offer upgrades, support and add features as needed.

Offshore Services: Application Development and DevOps

Since we have the expertise into DevOps, our clients frequently ask for offshore resources for help with development and DevOps. Due to pandemic and increase of remote work, offshoring is getting increasingly popular.

We offer application development as well as DevOps services. We are experts at clouds (AWS, GCP and Azure), CICD, docker, kubernetes. We have developed several applications using variety of languages and frameworks.

Note that while there are companies that maximize revenue by misguiding clients and increasing complexity, our philosophy is exactly opposite. We believe in delivering value and maximizing revenue by helping our clients’ grow their business.

* References can be provided that will vouch for our philosophy and ethics.

Onsite staff augmentation

We also offer onsite resources with variety of skillset as needed. Currently we have people with following skills.

DevOps: AWS, Azure, GCP, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Observability, VMware, CICD, Azure DevOps, Jenkins, GitHub Actions, GitLab

Languages: Java, Python, JavaScript, GoLang

Frontend: React.js, AngularJS, Vue.js

Analytics: Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, MicroStrategy

RPA: UIPath, Automation Anywhere, Blueprism

CRM: Salesforce, Pega, ServiceNow

Frameworks / CMS: WordPress, Drupal, Django, Express JS, Laravel

Data Science: Tableau, Hadoop

Data Lake: Snowflake, Hadoop, AWS Data Lake, Azure Data Lake