This is a wildcard (e.g. * certificate with unlimited subdomains. It contains full chain and private key.

This cert will be valid for 3 months at a time and can be renewed every 3 months.

Please note that you MUST be able to configure DNS for the domain you provide. We will prompt you to create a DNS entry so we can confirm your ownership of this domain.

Steps to purchase and download the certificate are as follows:

  1. Subscribe to this product.
  2. In your account, go to Dashboard (or click here, here you should see newly purchased product. Click on “Launch”, this will take you to the application.
  3. Enter your domain name and click “Generate DNS challenge”
  4. You will be prompted to create a DNS TXT record. You will have to do this yourself (we do not have access to your dns provider). If you do not know how, simply search for “how to create a DNS TXT record at <company where you purchased domain from>”
  5. Once DNS is set, wait for 10 minutes for DNS to propagate
  6. Come back to the app and click “Generate Wildcard SSL Certificate”
  7. We will first verify the DNS entries. If domain has not propagated yet, the links will not be valid. You can try again after 10 mins. Once dns has propagated, we will generate certificate and key that you can download via links at the bottom of the app page.