What is AppCafe?

AppCafe is Shopify for SaaS (Software As A Service) Business. i.e. you build awesome software application(s) and we provide the plumbing to turn it into a SaaS business.

SaaS is one of fastest growing software businesses. Everyday more and more software companies are moving towards SaaS with recurring revenue models because recurring has more growth and more predictability.

AppCafe works like Shopify for web apps. Unlike Shopify, web apps brings in recurring revenues, but you also need to recurring billing, installation and upkeep of apps, security and so on. More details further down this page.

Hence AppCafe, you just create your web app, we do the rest.

Why use AppCafe?

You focus on your core business, we do the rest.

Any SaaS subscription business will require some (likely most) of following features. However, this is not where you add your competitive advantage. You can focus on developing your awesome app and we can provide you all the rest of ancillary services.

Time and Cost: If you build it yourself, it will take time and effort. Then you will need to maintain and enhance the platform. You can save valuable time and cash and invest it into building your products and your business.

Pricing: Since this is one of main questions everyone has, we want to address this upfront. Our software is free during Beta launch and affordable once out of beta. We promise AppCafe will continue to cost much lesser than doing it yourself and will save you money.

Launch Date: Our Beta Launch Date is 1st Nov 2020. We can give you a demo and preview beforehand. Do fill in “Contact Us” form at the bottom of the page and we will reach out to you.

Interested? Keep in touch so we can update you when AppCafe is ready and we can reach out to you.