What is AppCafe Platform?

SaaS is one of fastest growing software businesses. Everyday more and more software companies are moving towards SaaS with recurring revenue models because recurring has more growth and more predictability.

Creating a SaaS application is non trivial. It requires you to build a lot of services around it (see below). These do not provide business value in themselves, so why should every company have to re-invent the wheel?

This is the problem we are solving. AppCafe is a PaaS (Platform As A Service) for SaaS applications. Now you can focus on creating your unique application, adding valuable features and competing in the market while we we provide the boilerplate plumbing around it to run it as a SaaS business.

Why use AppCafe platform?

Any SaaS subscription business requires many of the features described in next section. While these features are necessary, they are unlikely your unique value proposition or competitive advantage. With AppCafe, we provide these services so that you can focus on your app. So you can use AppCafe to avoid building, maintaining and enhancing these yourself. You can save valuable time and resources that you can invest into your core building.