We get asked quite often questions such as – are you like Shopify? Are you like play store?

So we thought it will be a good idea to post comparison to clarify what we do.

Here is a table of high level functions we support.

AppCafe iOS App Store
/ Android Play Store
Shopify eBay Etsy
Can you build your own website with software subscriptions? Y N N N N
Can technology startups use this platform for their DevOps needs? Y N N N N
Third Party Sellers: Sellers can register and list products Y Y Y Y Y
Seller Store: Sellers have storefront where only their products are displayed Y N Y Y Y
Marketplace: Customers can search across all seller products Y Y N Y Y
Subscriptions: Customers will subscribe to products Y Y N N N
SaaS: Web Apps are installed on server and managed with security, uptime etc. Y N N N N
Virtual assets / goods that are downloadable are supported Y N N N N
Physical goods that require shipping are supported N N Y Y Y


Does this help? Post your questions below so we can further clarify or just contact us