Summary: An escape room organization wanted to rewrite their software to allow dynamic content e.g. text/video group chats, ability to pause/rewind, create new games etc. Cost was expected to be $2M+. We requested one small change in requirements. This enabled us to use pre-built APIs, reduce total cost to under $1M and add several new capabilities.

Problem: Building software for escape room scenarios with authoring tools to build new games


Note: This is still an ongoing project, hence we are unable to share a lot of details, images and videos of the system.

We bid on an escape room software software + hardware game project. This game has capability to simulate text news feed, video news channel feed, twitter feed, facebook feed, news reporters with cameras, recorded videos / news feed,  TVs installed in escape room, live text and video chat among players and monitored by admin, audio and video calls among players and monitored by admin, ability to pause and rewind the game, ability to replay a session afterwards with all audio/video calls. It also has authoring tools to create new scenarios, admin functionality to onboard new users, administer content, manage servers etc.

The game has a lot of moving parts and complexity of managing both hardware and software. We had to request a change in requirements that enabled us to use cloud native architecture. Once approved, we were able to lower the complexity and cost of system by more than 50%, ongoing maintenance cost by more than 80%, while adding a whole lot of new innovative capabilities to enhance the experience as well as enable new business scenarios.

This is ongoing project so we are only able to share limited details. We will post images and videos once the project has been completed.

Result: TBD (but expected to increase their target market from a handful of escape room locations to global reach)