Summary: An escape room organization wanted to rewrite their software to allow dynamic content e.g. text/video group chats, ability to pause/rewind, create new games etc. Cost was expected to be $2M+. We requested one small change in requirements. This enabled us to use pre-built APIs, reduce total cost to under $1M and add several new capabilities.

Problem: Building software for escape room scenarios with authoring tools to build new games


We were awarded a contract in early 2022, for a complex escape room software and hardware game project. The game includes a variety of features such as various user roles, simulated video news feeds, social media news simulation, live chat and video calls among players, and the ability to pause and replay sessions. Additionally, the game includes authoring tools for creating new scenarios, admin functionality for user onboarding and content management, and server management capabilities.

Given the complexity of the project and the need to manage both hardware and software elements, we proposed a few changes in requirements that allowed us to adopt a cloud-native architecture. This approach was accepted and significantly reduced the overall complexity, cost and ongoing maintenance effort of the system. Additionally, it opened up new opportunities for enhancing the player experience and exploring new business models.

Result: By simplifying the hardware and software architecture, we were able to achieve a significant reduction in development costs, hardware costs, and maintenance costs. This not only increased flexibility but also expanded our total addressable market, resulting in significant business value.